13th ICEEE Online Conference – Final program

The Conference will be held through Microsoft Teams. Here you can find the Teams join links separeted:

17th of November, 2022:

Opening ceremony and plenary session, starts at 9:00am

Technical Session: Microbiology, soil biology, soil quality and plant session, starts at 10:30am

Technical Session: Water and water treatment session, starts at 14:30pm

Technical Session: Environmental investigations and monitoring session, starts at 10:30am

Technical Session: Air quality, energy and renewable energy session, starts at 13:30pm

18th of November, 2022:

Continuing the remaining part of the Conference and closing ceremony, starts at 9:00am

There is a short guide with useful information about how to use the Microsoft Teams during the Conference, which can be downloader from here.

The time of the Conference is related to the Hungarian time. Please check the time with your time at home

The full program for the 13th ICEEE Online conference can be downloaded from here.